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  • I get disconnected after sending and receiving email.
  • How do I set Local Access, Inc. as my homepage?
  • What if I forget my username or password?
  • Can I check my email online?
  • How do I setup my email?
  • What is the Local Access, Inc. access number?
  • How is billing handled?
  • Do I have to install any software to use Local Acces?
  • Does Local Access offer a SPAM filter?
  • Does Local Access offer a virus filter?
  • What Web Browsers can I use with Local Access?
  • Can I use the phone while I'm online?
  • What is SPAM?
  • What is spyware?
  • What is adware?
  • What is a firewall? Do I need one?
  • Do you support instant messaging?
  • How do I setup my email?

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